Why choose a web design company rather than a freelance web designer?

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It is difficult to fairly compare what a single person capable person can do against an organisation of experts. Nonetheless, it’s obvious a group of experts will 9/10 provide a better and complete service.

We have gathered some of the reasons why choosing a web design company over a single freelance web designer can be beneficial.

Time For Website Design

Naturally, a single person will struggle to complete high-level and complex demands in a short period and on-time. Whereas, a web design company has more hands-on personnel, thus unlikely to miss any deadline. Taking pride in being punctual whilst providing services at high levels should be one of every business’ number one aim.

Quality and quantity For Web Design

We have found when working alone, it can be very difficult to achieve both quality and quantity when working. Especially as a single freelancer, there tends to be a natural trade-off between quantity and quality. However, as a web design company, there’s a greater chance of maintaining a well-balanced structure of high quality and great quantity, which cannot be compromised.

Variety in servicesFor Web Design

An individual can only work on a task at a time, and they are more than likely to be specialised in a specific range of tasks. For example, web design, and illustration. Whereas a team of experts can work on several tasks, whilst linking ideas – from digital strategy, marketing, designing, development and branding.

More than one person is available in the web design company to provide multiple services at a time.

Master MindFor Web Design

We have reviewed cases where new clients were stuck because neither them or freelancer has a solution to their problem of which is very common. This is simply because their minds have never been presented with the problem before. However, a web design company is more than likely to have a range of experts that can provide a solution with ease and efficiency.

Business toolsFor Web Design

An individual can only know so much about a subject – this limitation is difficult to compare against a team of 10 or more.

Web design companies use the latest and most current tools to provide and deliver high-quality services to those that need it. These tools are designed to help and have a clear path to the final objective.

What Next?

We have been designing interfaces and various prototypes for security, product configuration, and developer outputs since 2015.

No matter the platform or development tool you are using, good design, user experience and functionality is essential for any successful digital interface.

The solutions we usually implement aim to improve your digital presence, whilst optimising your online platforms, allowing you to perform at your potential, in the bid to increase sales, conversions, and profits.

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