What improvements should I make to my website design?

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Website Design For Business

You currently believe your website is not performing the way you want it to, or its merely too basic or its needs more content to reach a more attractive audience.

Then this is the right blog for you. We have gathered some commonly unexploited and very effective top tips that will help your website, create the first impression you so desire.

Firstly, please understand, for your website to be successful, it must be updated and upgraded on a regular basis. The content provided should make visitors feel eager and willing to dig deeper to find out more about your products or services. Otherwise, it has a low return on your investment.

Navigation For Web Design

Invest in user experience and user interface research. These two fundamentals will help you structure and reduce the complication of your site. Allowing your visitors to find what they want with ease.

This will greatly reduce your bounce rate – the number of people leaving your site. Further, it is more than likely to increase your conversions into leads and sales. A clear path from A to B is always ideal.

Home Page For Website Design

Your home page is usually the first interaction between visitors and your brand. It usually carries the most pressure, simply because it creates the first impression. When designing your home page focus on user experience and user interface factors – eye-catching features and distinct call-to-action buttons will help draw attention.

Truly think about the design, keep it simple and clean whilst keeping in mind about the information you are providing to visitors.

For example, is it important or can it be replaced or removed? Do visitors really want to see it or is it there purely because you like?

Display what your brand has to offer, truly aim to bring out the great things e.g. testimonials, reviews or gallery of work.

Existing content For Web Design

Sometimes new is not always best. To prove this, look through the previous content you created which worked out successfully. Use this content and optimise on the ideas – reshape and remould the content is a way it remains relevant and genuine.

We recommend in displaying it on your home page in a way that will drive traction towards it. This technique is a great way to convert traction into leads and sales.

Variety in services For Web Design

An individual can only work on a task at a time, and they are more than likely to be specialised in a specific range of tasks. For example, web design, and illustration. Whereas a team of experts can work on several tasks, whilst linking ideas – from digital strategy, marketing, designing, development and branding.

More than one person is available in the web design company to provide multiple services at a time.

Contact For Web Design

If you want to be found do not make contacting you a difficult job. Make sure your business/ brand contact details are well in-sight. Provide your work telephone number, email address or social media platforms. If this is not an option create a contact form, with an integrated automatic response. This is a great way to be found, plus it creates a sense of trust between you and visitors

What Next?

We have been designing interfaces and various prototypes for security, product configuration, and developer outputs since 2015.

No matter the platform or development tool you are using, good design, user experience and functionality is essential for any successful digital interface.

The solutions we usually implement aim to improve your digital presence, whilst optimising your online platforms, allowing you to perform at your potential, in the bid to increase sales, conversions, and profits.

You can find more information about our services and some of the projects and work we have conducted - https://www.nm-ltd.co.uk/our-work

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